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Basically, Sword Art Online II is divided into 3 sub-story. Episode 1-14 includes story of "Gun Gale Online", episode 15-17 is talking about "Excalibur", and episodes 18-24 tells the story of "Mother's Rosario".

Not many special stories in SAO II. Everything felt up and down and then flat. Action scenes are a mainstay in the first SAO not so pronounced in the SAO II, though actually quite interesting to see Kirito learn to get used to using an unusual new weapon he used before. Although he was in the game world where the firearm is a weapon of the player, Kirito still choose a weapon like a sword as a defence.

Romance between Kirito - Asuna also not as grand as in the first SAO. Although I am also not so interested in the grandeur of Kirito x Asuna at first SAO, but their romance can be felt not as good as before. Asuna is more like a cameo in this season. And Kirito increasingly visible impression as a playboy. Although I am aware, this is a shounen anime, character guy most are like that. But this, a little disturbing as well. When the story leads to Asuna, Kirito even seem unusual and unnatural.

If the first SAO gives a bad impression to me, SAO II is much worse than the first. For episodes in SAO 2, I actually memorable on Mother's Rosario arc. Although many gaps here and there, at least, quite capable of making me moved and carried on the story. And if 4 points for this section, I give a bonus of 1 point more because the episodes of Mother's Rosario. But even so, I also bought the DVD from this site http://animebibly.com/stuffs/sword-art-online-products/ and also find another products for Sword Art Online.


In Gun Gale Online (GGO) arc, tells the story of Kazuto who asked for help to deal with cases that is almost similar to the case in the previous game, Sword Art Online. The difference of these cases occurred in another game called Gun Gale Online or also called GGO.

GGO is a game based VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online), where players play using weapons such as rifles, pistols and other firearms. Kazuto who was with his friends from Sword Art Online (SAO), including Asuna, still often played at Alfheim Online (ALO), get a special request from Seijirou Kikuoka, who also handled the SAO incident case.

In GGO, there is a case similar to the case of the previous SAO. Where there is a GGO player who called himself Death Gun, only to shoot someone’s avatar in GGO and resulting in death in the real world.

Kazuto who suspect the perpetrator is a person associated with SAO, ventured without considering safety to investigate the case. Here Kirito (login ID Kazuto) met with Shino, good GGO player. Shino helped Kirito about GGO, including how to get near to Death Gun by participating in Bullet of Bullets (BoB), a competition for all GGO players, to determine the best in GGO, because Death Gun just after the best players.

In many of these episodes were torturing me to watch it. Many things are considered flat and do not impress anything. If in the first SAO I can still stand watch until episode 3, in SAO 2 I even wanted to give up after finished watching episode 1.

One thing that rudiculous is, how Death Gun terminate his opponents. Not as sensational story. Kirito was suspicious of many things, but when compared with the first SAO, the way Death Gun did is not balanced at all.


In Excalibur arc tells the story of how Kirito is helped by his friends from SAO, ALO, and also Sinon from GGO, together try to earn special item in ALO named Excalibur. Special sword arises because someone has activated this mission, but no one has managed to get it. Kirito who is interested and is proficient with the sword, want this sword. They departing to confront bosses that are specifically programmed to make these items more difficult to obtain.

Not much I can describe in these episodes. However, the Excalibur arc made me think, what's the difference with Sword Art Online: Extra Edition? The first OVA of Sword Art Online. Where in this OVA at first like reviewing what happened in the SAO for the players who still stuck in it. Retold the story style that is not too flashy. Tells Kazuto interrogated by the authorities who handle SAO case. Then after finished for questioning, Kazuto and his other friends back to ALO to get one special item.


On Mother's Rosario arc, tells Yuuki Asuna meet her new friends in ALO, which has the same name with her. Yuuki by name Zekken looking for a reliable swordsman who would invite her to a duel. Asuna answered the challenge. Although the result is a series, but Yuuki impressed, and invite Asuna to join the guild. (Slight spoiler: believe, Kirito've answered the challenge of the duel, and lost)

From there it is known that Yuuki’s guild called Sleeping Knight requires Asuna to participate in the raid group to beat a boss floor that has not been defeated in Aincrad only with one party group, and carve their names on Monuments of Swordmen, to create a memory for those who can’t adventure together anymore after winter.

Asuna undertakes to help complete their mission. Along with their success, the relationship between Asuna and Yuuki is getting closer. But it also makes Yuuki away from Asuna, and left a lot of questions for Asuna. What's wrong with Yuuki?

With a little help from Kazuto (which I myself do not understand how he knew), Asuna knows the reason why Yuuki acts like it.

Still with the same factor with previous episodes and typical of the previous SAO, Mother's Rosario arc also left many loopholes, questions and confusion. One bonus points for this episode is a story that could ultimately make me carried away and thrilled. At least if I want to re-watch SAO 2, I think I'll just repeat Mother's Rosario arc only.

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